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Patrick LeMasters, 41, lives with his wife, Paula, in Steubenville and teaches private music lessons at the Center of Music and Art. He began his martial arts training at age 15 under William Powers Sr., a 6th degree black belt in Chin Mu Kwon Taekwondo. While a member of Powers Martial Arts, he has achieved the rank of 3rd degree black belt. In his 26 years of martial arts training, Mr. LeMasters has not only honed his skill and understanding of his primary art of Taekwondo, but also has been on a constant quest for knowledge, studying concepts and techniques of various other martial arts, including Muay Thai, Bando, Wing Chun, boxing, Escrima, and Jiu-jitsu. Mr. LeMasters has been zealously training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for the past 4 years and has recently earned his Combatives belt under the Gracie Jiu-jitsu system. In keeping with the history of Taekwondo's use of techniques from various arts outside of Korea, Mr. LeMasters augments the basic curriculum of Taekwondo with the various elements he has accrued in his martial arts journey, thus creating a diverse and multi-faceted approach to martial arts and self-defense.

As a devout Catholic and a member of Holy Family Parish, Patrick has a passion for sharing his knowledge for the benefit of the Christian community, often offering free seminars and instruction for various groups and individuals in need.