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Monday and Friday, 8:00PM to 9:00PM

Teens and adults, 13 and up

Under 16- $30 per month

16 and up- $50 per month

This is the main class of official LCMAA members who are 13 or older. Like the kids' class, this class teaches traditional martial arts, kickboxing, self defense, and grappling, with the same philosophies and demands of the younger class, but kicked up a notch.

Our goal is to help these students to become the best version of themselves that God had in mind when He created them. The training will be more rigorous, but the payoff will be immense as it is reflected in their superior performance in other athletic endeavors as well as their attitudes and achievement in the academic arena.

Students in this class will follow our standard curriculum and will be on track for advancing to black belt rank. A student will be eligible to test for his or her black belt upon reaching the age of 18 (though in rare circumstances a junior black belt may be earned at age 16).