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The Creation of Heaven and Earth

It is fitting that the beginning of the student's journey in form training be marked by a symbol of the beginning of everything in the universe in this hyung. Chon-gi translates as "The creation of Heaven and Earth" and these elements are represented by the techniques in this form, whereas the earth is represented by the low section blocks and Heaven is represented by the inner forearm blocks.

The duality of creation is also represented by the contrasts within the form, such as blocks versus attacks, narrow stances versus wide stances, low blocks versus higher blocks, and the constant shifting in opposite directions.

Chon-gi consists of 19 movements that form the diagram of a cross. The 18th move is to be executed with a lock of the breath and the 19th move is done with a kihap. At levels II and III execution, the student is required to finish the form in the same place he or she began and within 19 seconds or less.