LeMasters Christian Martial Arts Academy

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We are a Christian Martial Arts club with the mission of making the martial arts accessible for all with the lowest costs in the area as well as outreach programs for the indigent. We teach traditional taekwondo mixed with elements of other martial arts, such as kung fu, escrima, and jiu-jitsu to give students a well rounded skill set to handle any situation. Also, we incorporate Christian principles in our teaching and use the martial arts as a vehicle to reach out to the community around us with the light of Christ.

As Christians and martial artists, we strive to discipline and hone the body, mind, and spirit through training, self control, and prayer. It is our goal to help students overcome normal limitations of fear, pain, and anxiety by helping them to develop confidence, not only in the self-defense techniques they learn, but also in knowing the Lord. Prayer, bible study, and service in the community are part of our program here at LCMAA.

As a Chin Mu Kwan school of taekwon-do, we follow the old ways of General Choi Hong Hi who is the grandfather of taekwon-do. Although we still incorporate traditional elements we also focus on the practical aspects of self-defense and fighting, as Master Choi wanted for all taekwon-do practitioners to do. So things we work on will cover a broad spectrum of areas from traditional forms, to submission grappling. From weapons training to fitness training. From competition fighting to basic self-defense.

Our goal is to have fun and build one-another up and help make each other better, to become the best instrument of God's will we can become. So come train with us and unlock that inner warrior that God has made you to be!

"As iron sharpens iron,
so does one person sharpen another."
-Proverbs 27:17