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Ages 6-8 Tuesday/Friday 7PM-8PM
Ages 9-14 Monday/Thursday 7PM-8PM

$30 per month

Our kids' taekwondo program offers young students a wide variety of training in traditional martial arts, athletic competition, fitness, and self-defense. It is our goal to help each student to develop self-discipline, respect, assertiveness, confidence, academic achievement, a healthy body and mind, and a deeper faith. We believe this can be achieved by equipping them with regimens and life skills to thrive in adversity and tools to stand up to bullies with a Christian mind-set. Historically, taekwondo developed through the influence of many arts from the countries that surround Korea. As a result, our curriculum consists of traditional taekwondo forms and techniques, boxing and kickboxing training, practical self defense skills, judo and jiu-jitsu, and even weapons training (for advanced students). The kids' taekwondo class is the main class for young LCMAA members. Being a part of this class entitles the student to advance in rank through our curriculum toward the rank of black belt. Upon turning 12, if a student is mature or advanced enough, he or she will have the option to advance to the teen/adult class (whereas it is mandatory at age 13 and up).